You know what really upsets me? People who are all talk no action! You know the type, they will say whatever they think you want to hear! The people that will tell you how they are trying to get their life together but yet they still are hanging with the same people. The people who will tell you all of their dreams and goals yet they still have not made one action to start them.

I think people need to stop relying on peoples “potential” and really focus on what they are showing you. You have to stop having blind spots for people! Let me go into depth on what I mean when I say blindspots. We all have been in situations where we want to help someone, it could be a loved one, it could be a friend, it could even be a potential love interest.

Now because you love this person or deeply care for them, you have your blinders on about them. It could be that you know this person has a drug problem, but you still give them money when they ask because you care about them. That care for them could be the very thing that ends up contributing to their death. You will make excuses as to why you give them money, you say things like “you don’t want them to steal to get the money” or you will say “they told you that they haven’t done drugs in months” but deep down inside you see it all over their face they are still using.

Another example is parents/grandparents who’s love has become a crutch for their children/grandkids. Because of the love of a parent/grandparent they don’t want to see their loved ones struggle and as a parent myself I understand, BUT there is growth in pain. Often life’s lessons are deleyed because your always there to catch them before they bump their heads. There are so many grandparents taking care of their great grand kids while the parents are living their best lives! When you have 70+ year old people taking care of kids in a world that they no longer know, you have a cycle of kids that are doing all sorta things that they aren’t even aware of. On top of that, its not fair that the grandparents/greatparents who have worked all their lives to be able to relax and enjoy their lives no have to become parents all over again because people are more interested in being social media parents than doing the work and being real parents.

You see it is really just this simple, stop listening to what they say and watch what they do! People will use you for your time, your money, your peace of mind and then will dog you out to the world the moment you finally tell them no! Hold people accountable, make them show you with their actions that if you give them money they are doing just what they said they need it for! If your babysitting, make sure they are going to the actual job that they said they are going too! Make them pay you something, even if it is a small fee, because when your gone, trust and believe they will be paying a child care fee!

Sometimes you have to let the people you love bump their heads so they can get the lesson! All you can do is pray that they bump their heads and not bust it open, but sometimes that is what might have to happen.