Some People take the term “Ride or Die” literally and out of context. You see there is some people out there holding on to a toxic relationship simply because they are being a “real one” or “holding it down”. Those people are in a relationship with themselves many times!

You see there are people out here who fall in love with what you’re doing for them and not falling in love with you! The mere fact that you have stayed for the cheating, stayed for the beatings, stayed for the embarrassment shows them that they not only have a person that is willing to put up with anything, but a person who hasn’t found the value within themselves, and that is what they love. Its not that they love you, they love what you do for them.

You have to love yourself and know who you are before you set out to love anyone else. When you don’t love yourself or know who you are, will have both of those things defined for you by someone else, and that can take years to overcome.