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So the world is in an uproar because allegedly Kevin Heart has been cheating and someone is trying to exhort him. Now I don’t know if it’s true or not, but my issue is the people that are literally acting as if they know this man personally! People are going to his wife’s page saying karma etc. my question is why do you care? Why would you take the time out to be so concerned with what is going on in the next persons house?

I am pretty sure Kevin never asked to be put on a pedestal as far as his marriage life, but because he is in the spotlight and has been winning people can’t wait to see him fall. You see I spoke about this before, people all ways screaming “relationship goals” because of a still picture that appeared to show the perfect relationship! In reality you don’t know how that persons relationship is or what they had to go through to get to that picture that you deem “relationship” goals.

You see the moral of this is focus on what is going on in your own home, some people so worried about dishing the “tea” and they sitting next to a no good trifling person whom they make excuses for! I think their are certain people who want to see other people doing bad so they can feel better about themselves.

This isn’t just about Kevin, this about people who just want to see other people fail. The cop just got off in Saint Louis and there are protests going on but Kevin was the trending topic. Their are people still without homes and power in Florida and Texas! There are real life things going on in the world!

So remember the next time you want to tear the next person down, “they” won’t respect “us” if we can’t respect each other!

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