There are a number of people who live on past pain and hurt. They wear it as a badge of pride. Many use that pain as a means of a sort of drive, a means to prove to the people that have hurt them that they are a survivor. That might suffice for a brief moment, BUT that way of thinking can do more harm than good.

You see when you dwell in that previous pain, you don’t grow! You become a prisoner of that moment and it consumes everything about you. You get into relationships and the moment that things start going a certain way you run away simply because of the pain that you have been holding on too. That pain you are holding on to is passed down to your kids and you don’t even know it. You think that you’re helping them but you’re merely transferring that unhealed trauma.

So take the lesson that the pain has taught you but don’t allow it to trap you. You can’t move forward until you acknowledge and address the pain, and understand that your ability to internalize trauma doesn’t make you strong, its being able to address and heal.